IIB Journal began its publication life in 2011 and still accepts publications from financial and administrative sciences, particularly economics and from sub-disciplinary of these fields. Our journal is a national and international refereed journal and the publications submitted to the journal are initially investigated by the field editors and the studies in compliance with writing and acceptance conditions of the journal are sent to two field referees without any further delay. The evaluation period is 2 months for the journal and field editors and manual evaluation process come into the play for referee evaluation giving no positive or negative feedback during this process. Studies which have completed the referee process are transferred into the system and are visibilized in the web environment. All information is announced to authors through the system as this is a web-based journal. In addition, information is given to authors in mail environment as well in order to prevent any systematical error and victimization of the authors. The studies to be submitted to our journal should definitely be from the disciplines accepted by our journal to be published. Studies submitted out of these disciplines are not involved in the evaluation process and they are rejected upon informing the authors. In this case, no sanction can be applied on our journal and journal administration by the authors. Our journal is reviewed by varying indexes and also other indexes constantly apply to our journal. For these reasons, no information is provided for the authors related to the indexes reviewing the journal or the international status. This information is followed by the authors through the web system of the journal at that moment. Spelling rules in this journal are arranged in accordance with the sample article format that can be found in the journal's website. Articles written out of this format are not taken into consideration for the evaluation and 15-day period is given to authors for correction. Publications, which are not corrected within this period, are rejected. The same author(s) is not entitled to publish multiple publications in related issues of our journal. An author can make the same number of publications, having completed the referee evaluation, published in the same issue. This is a unilateral case for the journal administration.  The journal prioritizes different specific studies, which are related to the acceptable disciplines, yet can serve literature and the field other than specific subjects. The number of articles is not taken into account in related issues of our journal. An issue may involve more than one article. This case, once again, can be ensured within the line of the editors' decisions upon the resolution of the Board of the journal unilaterally. The publication language of the journal is English, but publications in different languages, which are assumed to serve the field, can be accepted. However, this is a unilateral case for the journal administration. Authors cannot make a demand on the publication or evaluation of the studies in any other language than English; even if they do, their demands are not accepted. Each publication uploaded to the system is evaluated under the same equal conditions and justly taken into publication process. No author or publication has superiority on others. Relevant authorities are informed about the plagiarism in publications. Authors are not asked any publication copyright agreement for the publications uploaded to our journal. For the studies which require the permission of ethical committee or official permission, authors are obliged to upload this information to the system. All responsibility that might arouse otherwise is incumbent on the authors. The laws of the Republic of Turkey are valid for any kind of legal problem in our journal and the obligations of these laws are applied. Studies published in our journal can be only used on condition that they are cited. The uploaded studies in the journal can be unilaterally rejected upon the decision of editor-in-chief or field editor where necessary. Related author(s) is informed about the reason of this case. In such cases, author(s) does not have any right to re-claim on our journal. Our journal complies with the publication laws and the laws on intellectual parent rights. The journal fulfills the related duties in this matter. In case of any detection of improper conditions related to abovementioned provisions within publications, all liability is unilaterally incumbent on related authors. Our journal reserves all legal, financial and emotional rights. No information transfer is available to any institution or organization except for authors. The journal exchanges no information except for the legal proceedings in this matter. The publication of our journal is on the Internet or written media. For that reason, the journal is not liable to give written material to any person except for the obligatory cases. The issues published in our journal's website can be printed and used upon the written permission of the journal Board on condition that they are to be used for scientific and academic purposes. Our journal preserves all legal, financial and emotional rights in all processes conducted without permission.